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NEKTAR represents a solid team of skilled digital technicians, who realised that we were regularly sharing our experience and knowledge on projects. By looking at our long credit list proved the foundation for NEKTAR was there.

NEKTAR has become a leader in New Zealand, providing Video playback, DIT and Data Management solutions. From offering gear &  high skilled crew – our services can provide specific technical requirements for any production.

The Nektar team have worked on a diverse range of projects, including:

  • 3D / Stereographic shoots
  • Motion Capture shoots
  • High Frame rate capture
  • 2k – 8K acquisition
  • Motion Control shoots
  • High Dynamic Range
  • VFX intensive projects
  • Locations intensive projects
  • Underwater shooting
  • Creative or Art projects
  • Live event delivery


Nektar’s Operations Manager – Jason is an experienced DIT & skilled Video Operator. His knowledge is available to solve any technical issue. Also a passionate mountain biker, a NZ Screen Industry Guild member and a true digital guru. With his beard in the wind – Jason is the soul of NEKTAR.


With a background in Wireless Video transmission, Martin is a talented DIT & Video Operator. He also has solid experience in Motion Capture within Weta Digital, and is a COC Diver. A NZ Screen Industry Guild member, a black belt in Taekwondo and a native Frenchman, Martin is your universal soldier.


Introducing Andre Willis – the newest digital ninja in the Nektar team. With more recent credits than most of us, Andre is an expert at managing media and handling unique workflow problems. His calmness and composure in every situation makes him an indispensable member of the team.


Toloa has worked on some of the most technical Video set ups over the years. He has done extensive tracking vehicle rigs, car to car shooting, and he is our helicopter and aerials specialist. A mood lifter, a laugh passer, Toloa is the team’s power forward.


Dave is known all over the country as a leading camera technician, RED camera specialist, electronics engineer, and maintenance and repair expert. He has a key position at Portsmouth rentals, Dave can solve anything and fix everything.


Sean Kelly is New Zealand’s senior Stereo-grapher. With an extensive background in camera, from Avatar to The Hobbit, Sean is a camera wizard behind the rebirth of 3D filmmaking. Sean often works in New Zealand, China and abroad.

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