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In 2010 Park Road Post was commissioned to develop a custom video playback system – Nektar was brought on board to help realise this. The system needed to be capable of recording 3D & 2D video simultaneously. It was to become the video playback package used for shooting The Hobbit trilogy films.

In the time available it was an ambitious challenge, not for just the video team, but the entire 3D camera system was also being put together side by side (excuse the pun). After a few months of testing – the custom 3D camera & video playback system was ready for shooting. The Hobbit films shot for 300+ days – one of the most technically ambitious shoots NZ has seen.

Nektar has since become an important link between Portsmouth Rentals & Park Road Post, by providing high end video playback & DIT services for onset. Nektar provides an important relationship from camera department to any post production & editorial teams.

Over the years Nektar has also worked on a huge variety of shooting projects with Weta Digital and Weta Workshop. From motion capture to motion control, miniatures, forest & mountain locations, VFX intensive shoots, helicopter & aerials units, drones, tracking vehicles, Russian arm rigs, to shooting downtown Hong Kong street scenes.

These days the Nektar DIT routine on set has become significant to any shoot. Nektar has developed very careful relationships between Park Road Post’s data wrangling teams, colourists, workflow architects and the picture department. With these long formed working relationships, every project is easily managed with total confidence.

Nektar has also provided experienced technicians to Weta Digital’s Motion Capture units and Weta Workshops Miniatures & Motion Control productions. The reliability of these relationships is very strong, providing complete confidence to any production.


From large scale film productions to high end TV commercials and documentaries.
TV drama, live presentations or Art projects.
Nektar has built strong relationships with many different creative teams.
All of them have become great friends over the years…

We collaborate with various technical providers.
Our feedback is often used to improve the products for technicians around the world.

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